Cacao Ceremonies

Cacao ceremonies are not so much of a mystery.  The secret to them, actually lies inside of you.  It’s all about embracing who you are, your own power…that comes directly from your heart, and has always been there.  So really, you don’t really need a facilitator to do one, OR to spend a lot of money on something that is free! 

You just need to trust your self and your own higher guidance.   
There is a lot to be said for group energy though!  There is more capacity, resilience, innovation, and creativity in us collectively than alone.   With “collective consciousness” our awareness gets multiplied, and fear divided.  So gather a group of your friends, set your space to be as comfortable as possible, with whatever you feel is right (it is right) think about your intentions, play the music that suits your mood, (or no music) drink you sacred cacao, and FLY!  Feel the unity with the other people in the space, unity with the music and with one another . . . Shift, change, evolve, glow, fly !

The Origins of Cacao Ceremonies Today:
It is a known fact, that the ancient Maya drank a lot of chocolate. Heck, they were the ones that brought the drink to the World!   Cacao has been found in Maya tombs, in their art, on ceramics, in Codices, but no one knows for sure how it was actually used by them.  As a Maya Ajq’ij (day counter, or priestess) I have searched for over a decade all throughout the Mayalands for some sort of vestige  of “Maya Cacao Ceremonies” with no luck.  None of my Maya Elder friends had ever heard of such a thing, and actually found the concept to be quite amusing.  Granted, cacao (and chocolate) are still used today in ceremonies by the Maya—along with artesian licor, tobacco, corn drinks, and many other offerings, —but there is no actual ritual or ceremony dedicated to just drinking cacao amongst the actual Maya. 
(see PDF What I did find, is a man named Kieth - an American herbalist living in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala who appears to be the originator of  modern day Cacao Ceremonies.  Awesome work Kieth! 

So, now that you know, order your Cacao Junajpu and SOAR!!!

(Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!  It's free too!)

Mayan Cacao

Cacao Junajpu

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