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Our Passion

Consciously Crafting Magical Chocolate

Our journey began in 2009 with a seed. 

The desire to produce an authentic Maya Drinking Chocolate.  

A virtuous drink, that would honor its ancestral roots.
A chocolate that is inherently good for those that drink it,
and good for the Planet as well.
So, we walked, we studied, we shared, we drank, we polished,
we imagined and we crafted and we CREATED.
We fell in Love.

Highest Quality Ingredients:


We pay careful attention to every stage of production;

starting with meticulous sourcing of our ingredients, which is definitive in achieving the unique sensorial profile characteristic of Cacao Junajpu-

We micro-batch process our cacao using traditional Maya methods: banana leaf fermentation, sun drying, slow roasting, stone-mill grinding, then mixing by hand. 

To further preserve the distinctive flavor profile and nutritional value of our cacao, we employ a whole-bean process; no separating, no heating, conching or tempering,  and of course, no chemicals, additives or preservatives! 

In short, we do as little processing as possible, honoring and nurturing the ancient methods and traditions of cacao making. 

Our cacao is sustainably sourced and DOES NOT contain lead or other heavy metals

free of soy, gluten, and nuts

~and there is the Maya Ceremonial part of our process ~

Cacao Junajpu is made according to the Maya Sacred Calendar, 

the Cholq'ij.
We do a small ceremony for each batch

based on the energy of the day, (the nawal and number)

infusing it with the wisdom, power and magic of the day.

(see "Magic" page)

Slow, low temperature Roast

We perfected our slow roast of the beans at low temperatures, (below 118˚F/45˚C)  stone grind them, and then mix by hand with the spices and panela. (see below for information on Panela)  That’s it!  Nothing added, nothing taken away.  Pure and simple!

Fresh cut Sugar Cane

Our Sweetness!

Panela is pure, unrefined cane juice, dehydrated and crystallized by evaporation with no added chemical substances.  It contains all the natural goodness inherently present in sugarcane: Rich in A, B, C, D and E vitamins, and the minerals phosphorous, calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium.  Sweetness that's good for you!

Organic , cacao, Sugar cane

How to Make Your Cacao:
Just add 4 heaping teaspoons of Cacao Junajpu to Hot water or Milk.  (best not to boil your cacao)

Mix using a whisk, or even better a blender (caution when blending hot liquids!) or a magic bullet, and pour into your favorite mug.    ENJOY!

Cacao is an amazing super-food: 

It contains natural serotonin, ethylamine, theobromine, magnesium, polyphenolics, (catechins and epicatechins) arginine, and flavonoids.  In other words, it works as a health tonic, an anti-depressant an anti-stress agent, and it makes you feel good!

Cacao supports:

Healthy energy levels ~ Meditation Tool~ Positive/Enhanced Moods~ Increased Focus~

Aphrodisiac ~Cellular Regeneration ~Powerful Antioxidant~Free Radicals ~Heart Health~Healthy blood pressure and blood Sugar levels~Healthy inflammatory process~Healthy digestive process~Natural detoxification and elimination process~Healthy brain function

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