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Junajpu is committed

to measurable and meaningful impact

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• Bio-diverse farming ensures and protects our soil, water, and climate, safeguarding a healthy Planet for the future.

• Profit sharing, ensures that as Cacao Junajpu grows in the marketplace, the communities we work with also grow and prosper, hand-in hand.

Ethical and Sustainable Matter

True sustainability is two-fold owing to the fact that Nature and Human Life are inextricably interwoven.   
Hence, we must care for the Earth, while at the same time, honoring those that work it.  

Guatemala is a Country rich in culture and natural resources, with an able and competent work force that produce inspired products which reflect the natural beauty of the country, and the authenticity and soul of its people.  The geographic limitations that growing cacao has makes Guatemala one of the few places in the world that can produce fine cacao.   -and yet, too many farmers and their families are still living in sub-standard conditions.   

Cacao Junajpu is dedicated to creating products that allow us to contribute to these communities- while helping the ecosystem at the same time. 

The farmers we partner with are bio-diverse, which is a popular term now that simply means re-implementing ancestral and traditional forms of farming.  It is an essential component of nutrient cycling, pest and disease regulation, pollination, erosion control, and carbon sequestration.   It also provides the farmers with diversified crops allowing regular sources of income throughout the year.  We purchase our raw materials at above market price, directly from the farmers, cutting out the middle-man, and giving value to the skills and expertise they have.  This translates into the farmers being able invest in the education of their children, better health care services, and further reforestation which restores balance to the land.  

We take pride in the fact that our Chocolate is something that is not only good for you, but good for the Earth, and those that care for it as well.

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