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ceremonial cacao, cacao ceremony

The Magic

Not all Cacao is created Equal:

Cacao Junajpu is 100% ceremonial-grade, heirloom variety of Cacao.  We are a small group of Maya guides dedicated to creating ceremonial cacao for the public.  In keeping with ancient traditions, our chocolate is made according to the days of the Maya Sacred Calendar, (the Cholq'ij, or Tzolkin).  We do a ceremony and an offering while we make each batch, based on the Maya energy of that day, the Nawal, and infuse each batch with vibrations of of love, compassion, service, abundance and purpose.  Each batch has its own unique power and magic-according to the day it was made on  (see below for explanations of the Nawales/Energy of the day)  Our ancestral “Whole-Bean” method of processing the beans allows our cacao to develop the subtle nuances in flavor and nutrition that make it a nutrient rich, immunity-enhancing, high-vibe health tonic.  Pure and Natural Plant Magic!

Cacao is an amazing super-food: 

It contains natural serotonin, ethylamine, theobromine, magnesium, polyphenolics, (catechins and epicatechins) arginine, and flavonoids.  In other words, it works as a health tonic, an anti-depressant an anti-stress agent, and it makes you feel good!

Cacao supports:

Healthy energy levels ~ Meditation Tool~ Positive/Enhanced Moods~ Increased Focus~

Aphrodisiac ~Cellular Regeneration ~Powerful Antioxidant~Free Radicals ~Heart Health~Healthy blood pressure and blood Sugar levels~Healthy inflammatory process~Healthy digestive process~Natural detoxification and elimination process~Healthy brain function

ceremonial cacao, mayan calendar

See Ceremonial Photos here

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cacao ceremony
ceremonial cacao

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