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RECIPROCITY:   Giving back.

Our mission at Cacao Junajpu is to bring the ancestral flavor and magic of Guatemalan Cacao to as many people as we can throughout the Planet!   We produce a balanced, integral food, while highlighting sustainability and small production values.  We are a small-batch business, sourcing our ingredients face to face from small, family owned farms.   We think that cacao can make a big difference in the lives of those that drink it, and in the lives of the  communties and the eco-systems that produce it.

Learning from the past, living in the present, and building for the future.

A small bit of economic growth can have tremendous impact here in Guatemala. 
We currently are partnering with small Maya cacao producing villages here in Guatemala for our criollo beans.  Supporting sustainable farming is a proven method for protecting forests, increasing biodiversity, and reducing climate change, as well as an economic boost for the farmers.   As we grow, we will be able to provide equipment and training for these communities to produce their own drinking cacao.  Each village will each have their own unique seal on the label, and receive 70% of the profits for the cacao they produce.    Our model creates an exceptionally high-quality product and a growing source of income for farmers, while contributing to reforestation efforts and promoting sustainable organic agricultural practices.  We prioritize inclusion, community, sustainability, and fairness.  (additional info WCF)

This is one of the Women's groups.  Our goal is to have them up and running by themselves.

They are pretty happy about our partnership, and so are we!!!  They will be saving to restore this hydro-electric plant for the entire village.  Green Energy!

Mayan, Cacao, women, fair trade
Green Energy

Thank you ~ Gracias ~Matyox!!!

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