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Mayan Jade Piece Ajpu

Hand carved Jade Necklace.
Each stone is hand-picked and hand-carved by Tata Oscar, a Mayan Spiritual guide and stone carver.  
Jadeite is the revered type of jade Tata Oscar uses.  It is harder and denser than common jade, and possesses a richer, more brilliant range of colors, and energetic properties.

Custom Order hand-made Jade

  • Mayan Jade, revered as a sacred stone by ancient civilizations, holds profound mystical and healing properties that resonate through centuries of spiritual wisdom. Known as the "Stone of Heaven," it is believed to channel energies of balance, renewal, and spiritual growth. It aids in the understanding of dreams and teaches us to live in harmony with nature and spirit.   Mayan culture treasures Jade for its ability to harmonize the mind, body, and spirit, offering clarity of thought and emotional stability. Beyond its aesthetic beauty, Jade is celebrated for its healing touch, believed to alleviate stress, attract prosperity, and protect against negative energies. Embodying the essence of ancient Mayan rituals and traditions, Jade continues to inspire seekers of inner peace and holistic well-being.     Let us know your birthdate, and Oscar will hand pick your stone, and custom-make your Mayan Nawal for you.  Or,  if you would like a jade skull, earings, or bracelet...  just write us.  Tata Oscar is a master.

    100% of monies from these sales go directly to Tata Oscar.

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