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Mayan Jade Piece Ajpu

Hand carved Jade Necklace.
Each stone is hand-picked and hand-carved by Tata Oscar, a Mayan Spiritual guide and stone carver.  
He only uses the most precious and rare form of Jade, Jadeite, harder and denser than common jade, and possesses a richer, more brilliant range of colors.

Custom Order hand-made Jade

  • Let us know your birthdate, and he will make your Mayan Nawal for you.
    They come ready-to-wear with an adjustable waterproof cord with beads on either side.  if you would like a crystal or jade skull, earings, or bracelet...  he is a master.

    100% of monies from these sales go directly to him. 100%.
    Shipping is included with cacao order.

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