Our cacao comes from one farm. One self-sustainable, organic, eco-friendly and wonderful place here on the slopes of the Majestic Volcanoes in Guatemala. We know who picks it. We watch it as it ferments and is carefully laid out to dry. 
        Respecting the process of growth and cultivation, and the  inherent magic of cacao.

Our Workshop

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 see what goes into making Cacao Junajpu the most Amazing and Delicious cacao you will ever taste.

Stop by and visit our Workshop! 
Have an amazing cup of cacao with us- and pick the Mayan day for the energy you want to drink-
Have your Mayan chart done when you come!

Bringing the sacred drink of the Maya; Cacao to you. 
   Magically nutritious and delicious!
 We pick our seeds, we ferment them, we roast them, we shell, we grind, we mix, we pack, we label, we do a ceremony for each 50LB batch, and of course, we drink a lot of cacao.