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cacao ceremony

 Mayan Ceremonial cacao  

whole-bean criollo cacao
Intentionally crafted By maya daykeepers
At the source in guatemala


Welcome to Cacao Junajpu

(pronounced: Hoon-ah-pooh)

Consciously Crafting Magical, high-vibe Cacao from

the Purest and Highest Quality ingredients on the Planet.

Crafted and sourced directly from our Mayan partners here in Guatemala.

We work daily to maintain balance and integrity in everything we do.

Inspired by the consciousness to LOVE:  

The Earth, Each Other, and the possibility of sharing these gifts with you.

cacao, ceremonial. Hunahpu
Cacao Hunahpu

Whenever the balance between humans and nature becomes threatened, cacao leaves the rainforest to open people's hearts and return the planet to harmony.

best, cacao, award,

Silver And gold

We don't pay much attention to contests, but in 2018, we were encouraged by friends to enter the International Chocolate awards.   Well, we won!

Silver Medal Award for our Mayan Sipping Cacao

and the Gold Medal for our Rustico Bar!

The International Chocolate Awards were created in 2012 and are the chocolate industry's equivalent of the Olympics or a Michelin award of chocolate. There were over 2000 entrants that year in the Americas competition. We are really excited and proud to have won!

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